Budapest Ragtime Band

Buy tickets 25. August 2013. 19:30
Budapest Music Center

Tickets: 3 800 HUF

Guest: Nikoletta Szőke (vocals) and Ferenc Kovács (trumpet, vocals, violin)

In addition to nurturing the traditions of ragtime music, the band aims to introduce and a multitude of traditional American music genres. Ragtime was a very popular genre at the turn of the century. Scott Joplin and the other outstanding composers originally wrote their ragtime for piano.

The band’s members re-instrumented this ragtime for a band of 8-10 members.

For this, they had highly qualified musicians and an abundance of instruments, which enabled them to produce exceptional instrumentation setups. The band later added swing-melodies, Dixieland-evergreens and virtuoso instrument solos to its program, amongst them the very unique and popular Spike Jones re-make of the 1940s. 

Budapest Ragtime Band_foto3

EThe band constantly freshens up its repertoire with musical gags and extraordinary instrumentation. 

The Budapest Ragtime Band performs on this year’s Jewish Summer Festival with two outstanding musicians who further enrich the diversity of the already outstanding concert program with gags, improvisations and the melodies of Jewish music.