Gioacchino Rossini: MOSES – concert-like performance

Buy tickets 1. September 2013. 19:00
Dohany Street Synagogue

Tickets: 8 900 HUF; 5 500 HUF

Opera in three acts

Presented by: The Szeged Symphonic Orchestra and the Viktor Vaszy Choir, Conducted by: Tamás Pál


Mosé: István Rácz

Faraone: Gábor Bretz 

Osiride: István Horváth

Amaltea: Ira Bertman

Elcía: Beatrix Fodor

Aronne: Péter Balczó 

Mambre: Yotam Cohen

Amenofi: Zsófia Kálnay

Rossini’s fascinating “Moses” is about the ten plagues of the Bible. Darkness falls over the land of Egypt and in their fear the Pharaoh and his people turn to the Prophet hoping that he would be able to avert the wrath of the Almighty.


This is how the first, Naples version of the opera of the famous Italian composer originating from 1818 begins. The final scene is one of the masterpieces of the opera world: The prayer of Moses and the Jewish folk, the separation of the Red Sea into two, the fatal storm which drowns the Egyptian army that follows the Israelites in the Sea. The epilogue of the orchestra reflects the peace at the sea after the storm and this remarkable work ends with the lyrical sounds representing the Israelites arriving at the Promised Land.

The Naples version comprising of 3 acts is going to have its debut at the Jewish Summer Festival in Hungary in the beautiful Dohány Street Synagogue guest starring well known Hungarian and two Israeli opera singers.

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