Molnár Dixieland Band

Buy tickets 27. August 2013. 19:30
Uránia National Movie Theater

Tickets: 5 800 HUF; 3 900 HUF

Guest: Tamás Berki

Dixieland was the first form of Jazz in the United States in the 1910s and 1920s which gave a huge boost to African-Americans in their battle for equality.

Dixieland, often enriched with national characters, spread throughout the entire world and victoriously propagated the notion of freedom and equality. In contrast to the discipline of strictly written music, a strongly improvisational, true tone of rejoicing was born, bearing the message of freedom, strength and the unconditional acceptance of life.

Molnar Dixiland_1

The ambassador of this message is the Molnár Dixieland Band, with 49 successful years of performance, a well-known band from Szeged. The band has performed constantly since its foundation both in Hungary and abroad – in the first years (1972) under the stage name of SZEGED OLDTIMERS. Their first international performance was in the Czechoslovakian city of Prerov, where they were awarded the “Europe Classic” Prize.

In the following years they consecutively performed in all Eastern-European countries, including a Soviet tour. The band, nonetheless, also guest performed in Austria, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Norway, Sweden, The Canary-Islands and in the United States.

The band has represented Hungary over 50 times at Jazz festivals abroad. They performed with world-renown soloists such as Fatty George (Austria), Eddy Davis, Tony Scott, Joe Muranyi (USA), John Mortimer, Ian Wheeler (England), Marcel Zanini (France) and Theis Jensen (Denmark).

During this year’s Jewish Summer Festival Tamás Berki, a highly qualified singer on an international level will perform as their guest, who, after Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald, is an outstanding skat performer as well (a rhythmical, improvisational song without comprehensible text).

The band and Tamás Berki have known each other well for years; their friendship becomes strongly visible in this coproduction, thus ensuring a unique musical experience for the audience.

Berki Tamas