Swinging Amy – A Night with Gabi Szűcs

Buy tickets 31. August 2013. 21:00
Uránia National Movie Theater

Tickets: 6 900 HUF; 4 500 HUF

Amy Winehouse Songs in Swing Style

Guest: Tamás Szabó Kimmel

Those who embark on the latest musical journey of Gabi Szucs and her Band, will be a part of a unique experience. The band endeavored to introduce the British soul singer of tragic fate, Amy Winehouse’s most well known songs in Swing style.

szucs gabi

Amy Winehouse has also been a highly influential Jazz singer and interpreted the most well known songs of the time. This concert reintroduces her songs as such unique musical treats that appeal to lovers of both worlds of music.

„ My dream has literally come true with this project. One day I woke up to my own voice saying out loud: Swinging Amy….tunes from the song Rehab sounded in my head…I am very fond of Amy Winehouse’s work and voice and I think her songs will be enriched with new meaning and colors through the Swing approach. The songs were transcribed by Peter Kuzbelt, excellent saxophonist and leader of the Showder Band. An entertaining and heart-rending musical treat following the most beautiful traditions of Jazz and Swing from Rehab to Valerie, through all our favorites.”